Dedicated to Empowering Abuse Survivors

If you are interested in growing spiritually and emotionally beyond where you have been before, this site is for you. If you have experienced abuse, abandonment, or neglect, this site will offer healing concepts, comfort, and encouragement. We hope therapists across the nation will recognize the beauty and quality of Redeeming Our Treasures and take advantage of the healing features of this site.

Check out the book Redeeming Our Treasures on our Edict House page. If you, or someone you love, have experienced abuse in the past, this book will help them identify and grieve their losses. It will help survivors rebuild components of their life that have suffered the devastating effects of physical, sexual, and/or spiritual abuse. A companion workbook for use by individuals or groups is in process and should be available for free download on my Study Group page.

God bless you as you continue the process of redeeming your treasures.

Redeeming Our Treasures